Forget spreadsheets or Excel. Questica’s multi-user budgeting software simplifies the assembly, tracking, analyzing and reporting of Operating, Salary & Capital budgets. Available in the cloud or on your servers, Questica Budget will integrate seamlessly with your Financial and HR systems.

Don’t let your objectives
go off the rails.

Questica Performance allows organizations to establish and manage strategic objectives, leveraging financial and statistical data from any number of sources to effectively measure performance. Simply put, Questica Performance will improve your organizations efficiency and effectiveness.

Explore your budgeting deployment options.

We believe in providing our customers with options when it comes to deploying Questica Budget. We have developed our web-based solution in a manner that allows for deployment on the customers servers, leveraging existing resources and infrastructure if available and so desired, or deployed in the cloud, where Questica provides the infrastructure and the resources required to maintain Questica Budget. At Questica, you choose what works best for you!


What are Questica customers saying?

Questica Budget has provided us with the tools necessary to set, track, and manage the complexities of our budgets, in an easy-to-use interface.

Brett Shorter
Deputy Director of Finance & Administration
Virginia Railway Express

Everyone at Questica is helpful and cordial. Even though you know they have other customers they treat you like you’re their only one when corresponding with them.

Town of Southampton, NY

The Questica Academy is a great example of the way Questica treats its customers. Very few companies provide this type of free training to assist users in maximizing the benefits of their product.

Town of Sidney, BC

Compared to other software vendors we deal with, Questica is always the quickest to respond to inquiries, provide guidance, and make repairs. The staff is always very friendly and professional and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Strathcona County, AB

Questica Budget has provided us with a powerful, flexible tool that allows us to budget in an environment that continues to grow in size and complexity.

Enza Dininio
Finance Director
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

I have dealt with many vendors in the past, and I have to say that working with you and your team was a very pleasant experience. It restores my faith in others. Thank you.

Chris Ampongan
Project Manager
Sound Transit (Seattle Washington)

Excellent technical support and service. Questica is the best vendor I have ever worked with during my 30 years of working in the computer software industry.

Senior Project Manager
Higher Education Institution
Western USA

Streamlining our budget process with Questica Budget has saved the City three months in the compilation of budget information.

Teri Ferro
Retired Financial Services Director
Local Government, CA

Questica Budget allows us to spend more time on Budgeting and Analysis and spend less time linking spreadsheets and reviewing data for clerical errors.

John Di Battista
Senior Financial Analyst
City of Hamilton, ON

Great group of staff that work VERY hard. Thanks for all your hard work.

Manager Corporate Budget
City in Province of Ontario

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