Open your data to the future.

Welcome to the future of public finance – open, transparent and accountable.
OpenBook enables organizations to communicate their financials in a way like never before.
Transparency enables better ideas, better conversations and better financials.
Your organization is ready for better.

Explore OpenBook in action. You'll find:

  • NEW! Import any data csv file
  • Interactive charts, tables, bars and graphs
  • Detailed Information pop-ups
  • The ability to zoom into all charts
  • Datasets, data sorting and filtering
  • Subtotal grouping
  • Locally controlled data
  • Access through any platform, including smartphones
  • Embed charts on any website
  • Share data through all social channels
  • Set-up in minutes, intuitive to use
  • Easily mastered with online training videos and guided tours
  • Seamlessly connect with Questica Budget

Communicate Visually
with Dynamic Charts

With OpenBook your information is brilliantly visualized in an array of charts, tables, bars and graphs. With descriptive text, informational pop-ups, filtering and sorting everyone can dive in and discover information that was once hidden in a spreadsheet.

Information When and
Where You Need It.

With OpenBook data is free to go where you need it. You can share it through social media, embed it in charts on websites, and access it through your smartphone with OpenBook’s responsive design. Now you can communicate with citizens and offices, giving them access to the answers they’ve been looking for.

Easy to Start.
Easy to Master.

Like all Questica tools, OpenBook is intuitive and easy-to-learn. To make your setup seamless, OpenBook connects to Questica Budget and supports any other data source. Plus, there are training videos and built-in guided tours to enhance the learning experience.

For more information about OpenBook, including pricing* options, contact us

*Includes standard configuration and training. You can cancel any time with 60 days notice.




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