Budgeting and Performance Planning

for your Sector’s Unique Needs

Public Sector Budgeting

Collaborative public sector budgeting solutions addressing the needs of local, state and federal governments, special districts and transit authorities.

K-12 Education Budgeting

Primary and Secondary School budgeting solutions from Questica Budget. Providing FTE Reporting, Funding Gap Analysis, Formula Support and more…

Higher Education Budgeting

Budgeting Software for the unique needs of Higher Education including Grant and Endowment Management, Position and Benefit “What-If” Planning and Funding Gap and Revenue Analysis

Health Care Budgeting

Budgeting Software for Hospitals and other Healthcare Institutions. Superior Management of Grants, Donations, Statistics and Staffing Costs.

Utility Budgeting

Budgeting Software for Public and Private Utilities. Incorporate Budgeting for Capital Projects, Operation and Maintenance Activities, Debt Service and Staffing Costs.

Not-For-Profit Budgeting

Budget Software for Not-for-Profit Organizations. Providing Transparency, Change Management, Donation and Endowment Accounting and Unlimited “What-If” Scenarios

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