Comprehensive Budgeting

Solutions for your Not-for-Profit

Budgeting Solutions for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations face the hardship of providing necessary and beneficial services while dealing with dwindling budgets. To be able to squeeze the most out of what they have, Questica knows these organizations need comprehensive forecasting and planning capabilities.

These organizations also need a budgeting platform that will provide the details and transparency they need to comply with grant applications and donation reporting requirements. Information that may once have been spread across a dozen spreadsheets can now be gathered quickly through Questica Budget’s configurable reporting capabilities. No more missing out on funds because the organization couldn’t gather the information it needed in the allotted period of time.

Operating Budget

Questica Budget Operating is our specific forecasting and operating budget solution. Through this platform, not-for-profits can increase visibility into their financials, boost transparency and better control a major cost – their workforce – with the Salary and Position Planning module. The salary and position function allows entities to see how changing or adding a position can affect their budgets years down the road, which is particularly useful for not-for-profits who often feel short staffed, but aren’t sure they can afford another set of hands.

Capital Budget

Questica Budget Capital is our Capital Improvement Planning, forecasting and capital budgeting solution. The Web-based platform works for any sized entity, allowing it to plan for multiple future scenarios and create multi-year budgets. It also gives organizations the ability to separate department budgets, providing each division the exact tools it needs to plan and meet its financial goals.

Salary / Position Planning

The Questica Salary module supports the ability to accurately model and forecast all costs associated with positions and employees. Each Position is associated with a default GL Account and is then assigned a pay grade, step, contract, pay scales and benefits (start and end dates can be associated to each). Union affiliations, job titles, and job numbers can also be entered for each employee and each employee can be allocated to a position or multiple positions in different departments or funds. Position costs can be generated for an unlimited number of years and can be broken down on an hourly, monthly or yearly basis. Each positions cost can be associated to any one (or multiple) departments or costing centers.

The Staff Planning module allows Not-for-Profit organizations to link budgets to staff schedules and more accurately account for the non-productive time like vacation and sick days that must be covered when minimum staffing requirements exist.


The Questica Performance module allows Not-for-Profit organizations to establish, track and manage their overall corporate objectives. This tool includes the ability to establish measures, define performance targets or objectives and track and report performance towards meeting these objectives. With data feeding from multiple sources including Questica Budget, the Questica Statistical Ledger and other external data sources, Questica Performance allows Non-for-Profit organizations to consolidate and manage all performance related information and metrics in a single solution.

Looking to track cost per program, establish a cost/program target that you would ultimately like to achieve and monitor performance over time towards achieving the target? You need Questica Performance!

Benefits of Questica’s not-for-profit budgeting solutions include:

  • Internal auditing capabilities
  • System audits
  • Position, salary and benefit planning
  • Workflows and approvals
  • Eligibility, donation and endowment accounting
  • Actual costs versus budgeting tracking
  • Multi-year budgeting
  • Unlimited versioning
  • Performance management
  • Multi-user, real-time access
  • Configurable reports
  • Statistical ledger
  • Versatile installation: On-premise or in the cloud.

More than 200+ public sector and not-for-profit organizations in North America have implemented Questica Budget.

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