Budgeting and Performance

Planning for your Organization

Questica Budget is the budget preparation and management solution for you if you need to:

  • Track full audits of all budget changes
  • Allow for unlimited versioning and “what-if” scenarios
  • Provide email notification throughout the approval process
  • Integrate seamlessly to your financial and payroll/HR systems
  • Drive greater accountability within your organization
  • Offer the most current technology on your servers or in the cloud


The Questica product offering, an operating, capital, position planning and performance measurement software solution, makes budget preparation and budget management more efficient – all while integrating with your current financial and payroll/HR systems.

Questica Budget is accessible from any computer running Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari and can be installed locally on your organizations servers or deployed in the cloud. As a state-of-the-art web based solution, Questica provides a familiar and intuitive spreadsheet like grid for data entry, which allows users to quickly get up to speed on the solution, minimizing the required training time. Individual departments can access and track budgets in real-time – offering transparency and accountability to the budget process.

With Questica Budget, the preparation of the budget book is quick and straight-forward. The Suite’s more than 100 out-of the-box automated reports can be run on demand or scheduled and distributed using SQL Server Reporting Services – Report Builder 3.

Salary / Position Planning

The Questica Salary / Position Planning module supports the ability to accurately model and forecast all costs associated with positions and employees. Each Position is associated with a default GL Account and is then assigned a pay grade, step, contract, pay scales and benefits (start and end dates can be associated to each). Union affiliations, job titles, and job numbers can also be entered for each employee and each employee can be allocated to a position or multiple positions in different departments or funds. Position costs can be generated for an unlimited number of years and can be broken down on an hourly, monthly or yearly basis. Each position’s cost can be associated to one or more departments or costing centers.


The Questica Performance module allows organizations, track and manage their overall corporate objectives. This tool includes the ability to establish measures, define performance targets or objectives and track and report performance towards meeting these objectives. With data feeding from multiple sources including Questica Budget, the Questica Statistical Ledger and other external data sources, Questica Performance allows organizations to consolidate and manage all performance related information and metrics in a single solution.

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