On-Premise or in the Cloud,

the Choice is yours


We believe in providing our customers with options when it comes to deploying Questica Budget. We have developed our web-based solution in a manner that allows for deployment on the customers servers, leveraging existing resources and infrastructure if available and so desired, or deployed in the cloud, where Questica provides the infrastructure and the resources required to maintain Questica Budget. At Questica, you choose what works best for you!

On-premise deployment

In a traditional On-Premise deployment, Questica Budget is installed within your network, with your organization providing the OS and database licenses. You own licenses for the Questica Budget solution and contract with us to provide annual product maintenance and support. The timing of upgrades to the Questica solution is entirely within your control, as is the system backup and disaster recovery strategy. Your data is maintained completely within the boundaries of your internal network.

Cloud deployment

In a cloud deployment, the Questica Budget solution is installed at the Questica data center and Questica assumes full responsibility for all aspects of the environment including the hardware, the operating system, the SQL Server database and the Questica Budget subscriptions. The service includes full hardware redundancy, system and data backups, all updates and patches to Microsoft OS, SQL Server and Questica Budget and a robust disaster recovery solution. Questica extends this offering by providing a separate virtual instance for each customer. This approach allows the individual customer to determine when to upgrade to the most current version of the solution as opposed to being forced to upgrade along with all other cloud customers, in the traditional multi-tenant environment offered by other cloud solution providers.

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