On time and on budget


Questica Budget is a web-based solution, which means both the installation and implementation process can be completed with minimal disruption to the day-to-day activities of your organization – and, more often than not, the software can be installed in less than two hours. Usually, installation on one of your web servers is all that is required, as no software needs to be installed on client workstations. Questica can also host the application at our datacenter, if you prefer.

Best Practices and True COTS Software

Out-of-the-box is not just the way we think; it’s your fastest route to a return on investment. All organizations are different, but no matter their differences in budget philosophy and process, they share the same fundamental requirements. With over fifteen years of experience and over 200 implementations under our belt, we know something about those fundamental requirements. But we also know that it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about you and your approach.

A Committed Partner

Questica provides full installation documentation with every release, as well as implementation assistance, complete training for administrators and general users, technical support and online help. To ensure that users quickly reach the highest level of productivity and proficiency, a dedicated team of implementers/consultants is assigned to each client for the duration of the implementation which can typically be completed in four months or less.

Your Team

Our consultants have extensive experience in budgeting and can offer insight and direction as you implement our Questica Budget solution. That experience will also guide you through any configurations and customizations that your organization may require – from the configuration of site specific captions and forms, to custom screens and custom business rules.

The composition of the project team varies depending upon the complexity of the requirements, the size of the organization being implemented and the implementation timeline that is to be achieved. All projects begin with a kick-off meeting which involves a review of the requirements, client expectations, implementation timeline, resource availability and the scope of work document. The official project plan, which is a living document throughout the project, is the primary output from this meeting.

Financial System Integration

The most critical component of any implementation is the integration to your financial systems. This not only includes pulling data from your General Ledger and Payroll/HR systems but also passing budget data back. We have integrated to more than 25 different financial systems and have developed our own integration tool “QIS” to facilitate and streamline the data integration process. We work hand in hand with you to map the data between systems and to also verify the validity of the data that has been imported. We are so confident we can effectively handle the integration that we “guarantee” a successful integration.

We employ a “proto-type” approach to system configuration and set-up, incorporating the unique requirements you may have into our solution which you then validate with your imported data against the agreed upon testing scenarios. We continue to modify the proto-type until you are satisfied that meets your requirements. Once you have signed off on the data and the prototyped system you are ready to move the solution into production, or “go-live.”

A formal transfer from our professional services organization to our customer support team takes place to ensure that our support organization is well versed in anything that might be unique about your implementation. We provide unlimited support on the Questica Budget solution and offer monthly web-based training sessions ”Questica eTutor Tuesdays” that are available at no cost to all customers, where a specific system process or new functionality is covered in detail by someone from our training team. We believe that a well trained and knowledgeable customer is a happy customer.

Customer Satisfaction

In a recent customer survey, over 95% of respondents indicated they would recommend Questica to another organization.
We are constantly striving to improve our solutions and our implementation approach, and although we are not yet at a 100% referral rate, we are confident we have a very good understanding of what it takes to effectively implement a Questica project, on time and on budget.

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