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Questica Budget

Questica Budget is a comprehensive, streamlined budgeting software product that enables the public sector, higher education, K-12 and health care organizations to improve and shorten their budgeting cycles.

Businesses and governments no longer have to rely on messy spreadsheets, which are a bottleneck in the budgeting process and a security risk. Decentralized spreadsheets rely on outdated, manual processes. They’re also consistently out of date, hard to share and lack the sophisticated and comprehensive reporting capabilities organizations require to address their budgeting needs.


Questica Budget Operating uses state-of-the-art technology to provide both private organizations and public entities the functions and features necessary to gain visibility into their financials and control their operating budgets. The easy-to-use program ensures the budgeting cycle runs smoothly and securely for every stakeholder involved in the process.

The Salary and Position Planning module allows organizations to budget for new positions and all the financial consequences those entail, including wages, benefits, labor costs, union and contract expenses and more.


Questica Budget Capital delivers Capital Improvement Planning, forecasting and capital budget solutions with the public sector, educational institutions and health care facilities specifically in mind. The Web-based platform is fully highly configurable through a variety of modules and widgets, supplying each department of the organization with exactly the features they need to plan, measure and control their own budgets – even allowing them to test countless future scenarios.

Additional benefits of Questica’s budgeting software include:

  • Seamless integration with human resources and payroll systems
  • Easy-to-read user-based dashboards
  • Configurable modules to fit the specific workflow of any organization
  • Multi-year budgeting capabilities
  • Track changes and audit capabilities
  • Configurable workflow and approval systems
  • Unlimited versioning
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Configurable security including varying levels of access within an organization
  • Consistent updates to maintain industrial best practices

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