Turning Objectives into Outcomes

On Track to Achieve Your Objectives?

Questica Performance allows organizations to establish and manage objectives, leveraging financial and statistical data from any number of sources, to effectively measure performance. Simply put, Questica Performance will improve your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Questica Performance allows you to create a system of Programs (services) and Measures, as well as Scorecards to monitor and track the status of your progress in reaching your organizations goals.

Scorecards and Dashboards

Each measure contains all the information and configuration details needed, as well as the Actuals (individual data values) which are aggregated in predefined periods. Measures can also be associated with Thresholds defining the points at which a measure indicates warning (yellow) or critical (red) levels of concern.

Scorecards are a built-in method for the ongoing monitoring of measures, making use of the green/yellow/red thresholds via at-a-glance Dashboard displays.

Improve Performance

Looking to improve the overall performance of your organization, drive enhanced accountability, deliver improved cost effectiveness and encourage innovation? Don’t look any further. Questica Performance is the solution to help you achieve your organizations performance objectives.

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