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Questica Academy - Ad Hoc Views - Q&A - February 28, 2017 at 1:00 pm

28/2/20171:00pm EST1 hour
Please join us for a Questica Budget, Ad Hoc View Q&A session. A technical resource will be online to answer your questions live with demonstrations driven by your requests.

Prior to this Q&A session be sure to view the "Ad Hoc Views Overview - 2016" webinar on Questica Academy. It can be found under Analytics/Reports.

Please send questions prior to the Q&A session so we can better prepare detailed responses. I'm happy to receive your questions (wleest@questica.com) or send them through support@questica.com. You could also choose the "Feedback" button in Questica Academy. Your questions will be addressed at the live webinar.

Take part and get the most out of your Questica Budget software!