Brighter school finance.

Questica’s budgeting, performance, transparency and engagement software solutions can move your school to the top of the class.

K-12 Education

Budgeting efficiently is elementary.

Budget efficiently and effectively with our K-12 school budgeting software. Questica Budget is an operating, personnel and capital multi-user budgeting system that shifts work from time-consuming spreadsheets. K-12 schools look for budgeting software that integrates with their financial and student information systems. Our solution not only integrates with other systems but allows for collaborative and controlled budgeting and unlimited what-if funding scenarios.

Accurate and collaborative budgeting gets an A+

Advanced Calculation Engine
Position, salary and benefit planning
Workflows and approvals
Change control management
Staff planning/scheduling
OpenBook Project Explorer for capital budgets
Performance management
Reporting and auditing, including FTE and enrollement
Departmental transfers/allocations (chargebacks)
Financial Statements module
Operating and capital budgets
Multi-year budgeting
What-if scenarios and decision packages
Statistical ledger
Integrates with Balancing Act's budget simulation tool

Connect with one of our K-12 School Budgeting experts.

Our team of technology experts, budget professionals, and business specialists is ready to talk with your K-12 school about our budgeting software. We can show you how Questica Budget can work for your school with a personalized demo or sign-up for one of our free information sessions. The next one’s on March 25, 2021.