Considerations for your annual HR management plan for government


In 2018, many government organizations will spend a lot of time budgeting for changes to their workforce. That could be because they need to meet new quotas, or because they’re gaining more staff, or having to make cutbacks. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s always best to approach human resource (HR) changes with a plan. Read this annual HR management plan for government organizations to learn about what may impact your budgeting plan is for you and your organization.


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Making your annual HR management plan for government positions


Prepare for potential retirements

One crucial factor to consider is the age of your employees. If you’re noticing a higher-than-average percentage of workers aged 50 or older, it could mean a series of retirements are inbound. Beyond the potential loss of experience and institutional knowledge, the retiring staff will need to be replaced either through promotions or new employees. This could potentially alter your budget plans, as newer workers typically earn less than tenured staff. On the other hand, the past decade has seen a rise in the retirement age, which could mean your older workers are sticking around, which could mean an increase in salaries through annual increases, performance bonuses or benefit costs.


Mind compensation and benefits

It’s important to keep in mind the starting pay and benefits of new employees, including how role requirements such as shift work, union contracts, people management and experience required can either make existing positions costs higher/lower. Or how net new positions will affect the overall annual budget. The entire compensation package goes a long way in hiring new employees, and retaining the staff you already have – in making your organization an employer of choice. Your employees work hard, so make sure that compensating them appropriately is a priority for your human capital operating plan.



Diverse hiring can be an element to workforce management. A more diverse organization from both a staffing and experience perspective often means the generation of new ideas, and a greater ability to understand the needs of current and prospective stakeholders. Make sure that diversity hiring is a consideration in your yearly budget.


More ideas

There are more ideas than just those mentioned above, but this is a great place to start for your annual human resource management plan for government organizations. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the OECD website, which offers more guidelines and helpful solutions.


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