K-12 Education

Three ways technology can reduce barriers to technology adoption for K-12


The past decade has seen significant advancements in technology, especially when it comes to education. From K-12 to post-secondary education, schools are embracing the efficiency and practicality of technology within the classroom. For many students, using the internet to complete and turn in assignments has become a need, not a preference. But for many, there are barriers of technology in education outside the classroom that would allow for greater improvements to administrative efficiency. Some schools can’t afford to switch to better technological methods because of prohibitive costs. Other school administratators are simply resistant to the idea of change. Well, there are a few ways to make change in your school’s operations management, and many of them include more technology. Here’s three ways your school can break down the barriers to technology adoption.


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How technology helps to break down the barriers to technology adoption


Budget and prepare for the cost

The cost of educational technology is, for many, the deciding factor on whether or not the school or district can adopt new technology or not. Many schools are already struggling with finances and are having to make significant budget cuts to salaries and extracurricular programs. That’s why one of the best choices a school can make is to improve their financial budgeting and forecasting process. Budget forecasting helps prepare your school for multiple financial scenarios, understanding the changing funding models and improves an school district’s overall ability to plan and manage finances. A key way to improve budgeting is through financial planning software, ideally software that is easy to implement and to use.


Begin from the top down

Sometimes, change doesn’t happen because people are don’t understand it, or are comfortable with the tools they have always used such as Excel spreadsheets. Many tenured administrators, for example, might be nervous about adopting more technology because they simply don’t know how to use it themselves. A great way to combat this is to adopt simple, easy to use technology that can demonstrate quickly how it can help better allocate the salaries and benefits of teachers and other staff, understand the impact of facilities upgrades and repairs to implementing new programs and technologies within the classroom.


Provide adequate training

Finally, one of the biggest worries about new technology in the school is teaching individuals how to use it. Some administrators worry that the cost of training all the staff to use the new system ultimately outweighs any benefits. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions. Reputable software companies provide onboarding, instructional training, videos and other resources. This allows staff to learn more on their own time, and without the need for expensive seminars. Technology may be hard to adopt at times, but it is also a powerful tool for change, inside and outside the classroom.


Questica software is technology that helps your K-12 school

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