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Caldwell County, Texas Selects Questica Budgeting Technology to Support Exponential Population and Budget Growth


Questica Inc., the leading provider of public sector budgeting solutions, today announced that Caldwell County has selected Questica Budget to support its immediate and future budgeting processes. Questica is a subsidiary of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: GTYH) (“GTY”), a leading provider of cloud solutions for the public sector.


Caldwell County, TX, located in south central Texas, has recently experienced significant growth in its budget as a result of recent large scale capital investments; home to more than 45,000 residents, and anticipating a boom in population, the county elected to overhaul its existing budgeting process. Caldwell County government leaders wanted a more intuitive solution that would increase transparency, while alleviating some of the manual processes that were taxing employees.


Questica worked directly with Caldwell County to develop an engineered-to-order solution that not only fills gaps left by previous processes but empowers the County to plan for its future more strategically and effectively. With new, cloud-based budgeting software from Questica, Caldwell County will have the capacity to introduce further automation throughout its data accuracy, forecasting, scenario planning, and personnel planning processes. With all operations housed in a centralized interface, the new solution will enable staff to update, monitor, manage budgets, and run multiple scenarios in real-time.


“Caldwell County is growing rapidly, and we need to ensure that our budgeting and future planning solutions are aligned with our goals,” said Judge Haden of Caldwell County. “Though our previous system had some automated features, it still required a significant amount of manual interaction. We are excited to introduce Questica Budget and frictionless processes that will facilitate the growth and opportunity our constituents are looking forward to.”


“Caldwell County is a prime example of how a growing government can accelerate progress by modernizing its budgeting processes,” said Craig Ross, President & Chief Executive Officer, Questica. “By harnessing data and operating at a granular level, the county will not only save thousands of dollars per year, but it will have greater insight into opportunities for the future. We are thrilled to sign on our latest customer in Texas, and to support the development and growth the county is working towards.