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Camrose County, AB chooses Questica Budget


Camrose County, is a rural municipality located in Alberta, south east of the City of Edmonton with a population of over 8,400 residents. The budgeting process for Camrose involved distributing Excel spreadsheets to department managers and later compiling data into a master spreadsheet. Although Excel is a readily available product, Camrose found preparing their budgets in this manner manually intensive and susceptible to errors. To improve how they manage their $27 million budget, the County looked for budgeting software that would integrate with both of their MuniWare accounting and asset management systems.


Questica Budget is a robust and flexible budgeting solution the County has chosen to centralize their budgeting process and eliminate the duplication of data. The software reduces the need for spreadsheets and redundant data entry by providing the County with a structured process for preparing their operating, salaries and capital budgets. Managers across their 8 departments can access real-time budget data and easily submit changes through an internal approval system. Seamless integration with MuniWare ensures actuals are updated nightly, allowing users to create dashboards and reports with the most up-to-date information, plus analyze and gain actionable insights from their budgets.


In addition, the ability to create multi-year forecasts in Questica Budget will be crucial now that multi-year budgets are mandatory in the Province of Alberta.  The Questica Performance module provides additional value by giving Camrose County the opportunity to measure performance and improve how they serve the community.