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City of Brooks, Alberta chooses Questica Budget

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The City of Brooks (“Brooks”) is located southeast of Calgary in the Newell County area. Historically the buffalo hunting grounds for the Blackfoot and Crow First Nations people, Brooks started out as a settler village. Construction, agriculture and major industries, such as railroad transportation and oil and gas, has helped the area grow into the vibrant city it is today. With over 14,000 residents, a rich history and celebration of prairie culture is what keeps this unique community vibrant for all.


When using spreadsheets proved to be a time-consuming process for working with department managers, Brooks decided it was time to find a more collaborative system to help them manage their $27 million budget. Aware of other Alberta municipalities who were successfully using Questica Budget, the City looked into the solution’s capability and was pleased to discover that it was a multi-user system that could improve their budgeting process for greater efficiency. In addition, the solution provided a robust collection of easy-to-use reports and the ability to create forecasts and what-if scenarios.


Using Questica Budget enables the City of Brooks to save time and budget collaboratively with a system that integrates directly into their Vadim financial system.