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City of Dumas, Texas adopts Questica Budget


The City of Dumas, Texas (“Dumas”) has traded cumbersome Excel spreadsheets for the powerful functionality of Questica Budget to improve their budgeting process. Dumas will no longer have to contend with time-consuming version control issues and errors that are common with using spreadsheets. Instead the finance department will use budgeting software that offers a centralized location for housing data, allows the finance team and department heads to work collaboratively and remotely on budgets, and automates tasks for greater efficiency.


Questica Budget integrates seamlessly with the Tyler Incode 10 financial system used by Dumas to manage their $16 million budget. As opposed to manually scheduling reports or trying to pull data out of Tyler Incode, the finance team can use Questica Budget’s robust reporting features and automatically schedule reports for their monthly council meetings. In addition, Questica Budget gives Dumas the ability to create multi-year forecasts and take advantage of the Advanced Calculation Engine (ACE) to build formulas and models to understand assumptions that can drive the budget.