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City of Ferguson, MO selects Questica Budget to replace their Excel spreadsheets


The City of Ferguson, Missouri has turned to Questica Budget to replace their outdated Excel budgeting process.  Prone to human errors in data entry and linking, Excel was no longer meeting their needs for budget preparation.  Transparency and reporting has also become a priority, so the City has turned to Questica for their Operating, Capital, and Salaries budgeting.  Integrating with their Harris Innoprise financial system, Questica Budget will provide users with a faster, more efficient, and more reliable way to assemble, track, analyze, and report on their budgets.


The City of Ferguson evolved from the site of the Ferguson railway station built in the 1850’s.  Quickly becoming the center of activity for the surrounding area, many groups met there over the years.  While passenger service ceased in the 1960’s, and as the City continued to grow to its’ current population of over 20,000, a committee was formed to ensure preservation of this important landmark.  Through collaboration between private and public partnerships, and a strong volunteer base, the depot remains an important landmark for residents and visitors alike, and represents the spirit that is helping the City of Ferguson grow into the future.