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City of Goodyear, AZ to adopt Questica Budget


Goodyear, Arizona is an outstanding community for families to grow, businesses to thrive and dreams to turn to reality. The city was recently ranked by the U.S. Census Bureau as being among the fastest growing cities in the country. Residents and visitors enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year, affordable housing, a low cost of doing business, and excellent access to transportation.


The 2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey reveals that 96 percent of residents feel safe in their neighborhood and 95 percent said Goodyear is an excellent or good place to live.  According to a ten-year study conducted by Your Local Security, Goodyear ranks sixth in the nation in overall safety.


To continue their success, Goodyear wanted to replace their Excel and legacy database budgeting approach with a sustainable commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product capable of supporting all of the city’s budgeting requirements. Reducing errors with automation and a single data entry point was important to the city for improving the current process for their $514 million budget. With Questica Budget, Goodyear was introduced to a flexible, collaborative budgeting system with everything they need in one place to develop, track, monitor and adjust the budget, plus generate custom reports, create what-if scenarios, and develop complex budget formulas. In addition, the Questica Performance module will help the City track and monitor key performance indicators.


The city will use Questica Budget’s powerful, end-to-end system for operating, salaries and capital budgets and performance management by integrating seamlessly with their Tyler Munis financial system. A secure, streamlined budgeting solution will save the City of Goodyear time and help them transform their budget process.