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City of Maple Valley, WA to implement Questica Budget


With a population of over 25,000,the City of Maple Valley is honored to be named one of the safest cities in the state of Washington and one of the top ten cities in the U.S. for families. Only 30 minutes east of Seattle, Maple Valley is located an equal distance from the waters of Puget Sound and from the beautiful Cascade Mountains.


Using Excel spreadsheets to manage a budget of over $33.7 million, Maple Valley realized their manual budgeting process was too labor-intensive and left the City at risk for potential errors. Learning about Questica Budget’s comprehensive suite of solutions for preparing, managing and reporting on the budget, Maple Valley discovered Questica Budget was precisely what they needed for reporting and analysis. With Questica’s Operating, Salaries, Capital and Performance modules, the City will now have a collaborative budgeting solution to integrate with their Tyler financial system. Opting for Questica’s Brilliant SaaS package also ensures Maple Valley automatically has the latest updates and functionality, such as Questica’s new Advanced Calculation Engine (ACE) for budget modelling and forecasting.