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City of Morgan Hill, CA to implement Questica Budget

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Ready to modernize their budgeting process, the budget managers at the City of Morgan Hill in California searched for cost-effective budgeting software to work with their Tyler Eden financial system. New budgeting software will help the City address what is lacking from the current process, such as the inability to produce reports, automate workflows, and promote budget transparency.


Questica Budget was the best choice for Morgan Hill as a feature-rich solution that would enable budget managers to use Change Requests to automate standardized processes, create reports using real-time data, and use performance measures to monitor strategic initiatives tied to the budget. The Personnel module will provide the City with the ability to manage positions better and properly administer benefits and retirement plans.


In addition, with the increasing importance of remaining transparent and accountable to citizens, Questica OpenBook is a data visualization solution for transforming budget data into interactive and shareable charts and graphs.