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City of Powell River, BC to implement Questica Budget


Located in southwestern British Columbia, Powell River is home to the Sunshine Coast Trail, a 180 km backcountry trail that works its way through many different landscapes including coastal shoreline, old-growth forest, mountaintops, creeks, lakes, and salmon streams.


With a population of approximately 13,000 people, and an annual budget of $44 million, the City was looking for a way to eliminate the pains of budgeting in Excel spreadsheets. Integrating with their Unit4 financial system, Questica Budget’s Operating module will provide them with a user-friendly, collaborative streamlined budgeting process to preparation and manage based on the City’s overall goals and objectives.


Committed to ensuring openness, transparency, and accountability in the budgeting process, the City will also implement Questica OpenBook. Seamlessly integrated with Questica Budget, OpenBook will allow Powell River to share financial and non-financial information with stakeholders via interactive  charts, graphs, and informational pop-ups to create more awareness and encourage citizen engagement around the City’s budget.