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Know the dangers of version control for higher education


Good version control systems are considered an important component of maintaining accurate and efficient data and other documentation. However version control systems are not as effective for financial planning when data and documentation is not accessed and stored in one central location. In this case, cloud-based budgeting and financials systems provide a better, more effective solution, especially when it comes to the complex needs of a higher education organization. Here’s an overview of the dangers of version control for higher education.


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The dangers of version control for higher ed


A brief overview of version control

Version control is a software tool that — ideally — makes managing systems much easier. Version control systems essentially allows for multiple editing of files by individuals simultaneously without the hassle of having to overwrite one another. It creates a special database that includes multiple versions of the file, and keeps track of the various modifications. If software isn’t working correctly, it’s very easy with version control to go back and find where the problem originated from. It does offer a lot of advantages, but it is not a “catch-all” in terms of system management, and, as we’ll explore, there are some areas where version control systems are not effective.


Why version control is less effective for financial planning

The biggest and most important issue regarding version control is accessibility. Cloud-based servers can be accessed through multiple devices, meaning you’re never having to track down files held by certain individuals or computer . Additionally, version control systems can be difficult to train users if they are not normally involved in software development. Higher education administration teams — the ones who would normally be using this software — would require extensive training to use the software. A better solution is cloud-based financial software, which is easy to learn for the casual user, and easy to manage with greater accessibility.


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