Five smart reasons to embrace cloud-based budgeting software

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It really is amazing how technology has progressed in such a short amount of time. For example, if you told someone back in the 80s about “the cloud,” they wouldn’t have been able to comprehend the massive wealth of data that you could store in one place. They simply couldn’t imagine how big the cloud would become, let alone using cloud based-budgeting software. These days, using the cloud is far more commonplace, but some people still feel wary about switching to it. Will the cloud protect your important data from hackers? Is it easy to use? Questica understands these concerns and wants to say, don’t worry! There are lots of great reasons to embrace cloud based budgeting software. For example . .


Cloud-based budgeting software frees up it resources

When you keep all of your data on-site, you need to also manage it and regularly maintain it. This usually means assigning regular maintenance duties to your IT team. Not to mention, you’ll need to devote space and power to your on-site servers. When you purchase the cloud, you entrust your data to a third party service. Thus, it is their job to perform that maintenance, not yours! This frees up your IT team — and your budget — to more high-priority tasks.

Your data is accessible anywhere

One of the really frustrating elements to budgeting is making sure everyone is on the same page. Typically, you need to spend time tracking down key personnel and making sure that they are up-to-date about the info. Or maybe you’re the one who needs a budget update, and your managers are nowhere to be found! With cloud based budgeting software, anyone can access the necessary data from wherever they are — and use multiple kinds of devices to do it.


Cloud software protects you from disaster

Nobody likes a natural disaster, especially when it puts your company at risk. What if your server room floods from that hurricane? Can you still reach your key data in the event of a power-outage, or blizzard? Cloud computing addresses these issues perfectly. All of your data is stored and protected thanks to the cloud. Most importantly, it is still accessible.


A better design

Ahh, the traditional Excel spreadsheet. A staple of the budgeting season, and an endless source of headaches. Excel is great for a lot of reasons , but it simply can’t keep up when it comes to budgeting. Budgeting software is designed specifically for your financial planning needs. It’s often easier to use, manage, and teach to others.


You will save time and money

Whether you’re organization is in education, healthcare, or government, you can’t afford to be wasteful with your budget or your time. Fortunately, cloud-based budgeting software offers so much advantage, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. No more wasting time making calculations or struggling with Excel. Everything is streamlined and efficient, all up in the cloud.


We hope you see the advantages of using cloud-based budgeting software. For the best software, bar none, turn to Questica. You’ll see how our program works seamlessly with your needs, and marvel at how easy it is to use! With our budget module, you will gain more visibility to your financials to prepare and manage your budget. If you want to try Questica for yourself, sign up for our free monthly informational webinars to learn more. Then, request a demo to see difference for yourself. There are lots of reasons to choose cloud based budgeting software, but you only need to choose Questica over the rest: it’s just better.