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Fort Worth, Texas Modernizes its Budgeting Process with Questica


The 12th largest city in the US is set to leverage the entire suite of Questica solutions to support continued growth.


Questica Inc., the leading public sector budgeting solutions provider, today announced that it has been selected to provide new budgeting software to the City of Fort Worth, TX. Questica is a subsidiary of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: GTYH) (“GTY”), a leading provider of cloud solutions for the public sector.


As one of the largest, fastest growing cities in the US, operating a $1.7 billion budget, the City of Fort Worth needed an effective, accessible, and transparent process for managing its budget. Municipal leaders were looking for an efficient way to make budget changes, access and leverage budget data, and publish salary changes, while reducing the overall burden on staff. To achieve this, the city purchased the entire suite of Questica solutions including Questica Budget, Questica OpenBook, Budget Book powered by Workiva, and Citizen Engagement, powered by Balancing Act.


Questica’s purpose-built budgeting platform will support Fort Worth’s budget transition from time-intensive manual processes to a comprehensive, cloud-based system. The unified solution will not only increase transparency and accountability throughout the budgeting process but will support greater forecasting and scenario planning features that enable data-driven decisions.


“Fort Worth is a dynamic, growing city and we need technology in place that will promote decision making that supports the city’s strategic priorities,” said Mark McAvoy, City of Fort Worth. “Streamlining the budget process, while easing access to information and improving the tools we use to engage our customers and residents all help to increase public accountability. Questica not only gives us those capabilities but will enable our staff to spend more time using data to find solutions to important problems rather than maintaining the system.”


“As cities experience periods of growth or make significant changes such as integrating ARPA funding into their budget, they’re finding that siloed processes aren’t keeping up with the pace and aren’t providing the level of granular detail they need,” said Craig Ross, CEO of Questica. “As one of the largest cities in the US, Fort Worth is a great example of a thriving community at scale, and this is an ideal time to harness its own data to make more informed and transparent decisions. We are proud of the fantastic customer base we’ve established in Texas, and we’re thrilled to expand that network with Fort Worth.”