How healthcare can maximize their SAP financial management investment


SAP financial management is a powerful financial management system for healthcare. It’s surprising to think that a financial system can improve patient outcomes, but it’s true. SAP provides physicians and clinical teams with more-accurate and timely information at the point of care. That’s one of the ways it helps to improve patient outcomes. While patient care is the number one objective, cost is a very close second. A financial management system provides real-time data exploration that allows for faster decision making which can save millions in supply costs. This data is important as it relates to budgeting and planning for the future.


While most would agree SAP is a powerful financial planning tool, users quickly realize that it lacks comprehensive budgeting and forecasting functionality. All the data gathered, and efficiencies found are less effective if they’re not reflected in the budget and forecast. Healthcare organizations have uncovered millions of dollars in savings with SAP financial management. Doesn’t it make sense to have a plan for those saved dollars to further your mandate?


Integrating with a best in breed budgeting application is instrumental if you want to maximize your SAP financial management investment.


When you decide to enhance your SAP financial management system with a budgeting application, you’ll want a team who can effectively integrate the two systems. A proper integration ensures you will have no connectivity gaps, missing data or limited reporting capabilities.


For a best in breed solution that smoothly integrates with SAP financial management, you can turn to Questica. Since 1998, Questica has worked to make handling finances easier and better for businesses and other organizations. We manage over $63 billion in annual public sector and non-profit budgets, and we want to help you. Please visit our website for more information and consider signing up for one of our free webinars.


How Questica can help maximize your SAP financial management investment


Automate the data exchange

Questica Budget allows any data to be imported or exported to Excel using our Import/Export tool. The process and the tool, in combination, allow you to map the appropriate data exchange between systems (Cost Elements, Hierarchies, Orders, Custom Data Fields, etc.). Questica Budget handles SAP’s unique data structure right out of the box and can model attributions exactly. The integration, once configured, provides a seamless dataflow between Questica Budget and SAP that can be automated to run on a nightly basis. We also provide an “on-demand” option, which allows you to run the integration whenever you feel the need to update the systems. Users always have access to the latest budget data and version control is guaranteed.


Improved reporting capabilities

You’ll be able to bring encumbered costs into Questica Budget, so users can feed that data into many more reports, on a budget and project basis. By providing users with this ‘self-service’ reporting environment that is always accessing current budget actuals, the need for on-demand reports from the Finance office is eliminated.


Invest in Questica software for superior integration and configuration

Questica isn’t the only financial planning software that integrates with SAP, but it does offer advantages over the competition. Questica boasts years of a proven track record for healthcare organizations.


We are a passionate team of technology experts and business specialists with decades of collective experience managing finances and budgeting software. You’ll be amazed at how much time and energy your business will save with dedicated budgeting application that integrates with SAP. To learn more about Questica and how our software can help you, download a success story or take a product tour.