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Kalamazoo Valley Community College, MI selects Questica Budget


Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) in Michigan has four campuses and approximately 10,000 students. Offering 20 certificate programs and 70 associate degree programs, KVCC is committed to enriching the lives of students and the community through quality educational programs and services.


KVCC was looking to reduce the administrative burden of developing and maintaining their budget. Spreadsheet budgeting proved to be a challenge because the college was unable to disseminate and re-aggregate information efficiently and effectively across departments and faculties. Specifically, KVCC wanted to shift redundant and time-consuming tasks like manual data entry to more in-depth analysis and reporting. Additionally, the college needed the ability to track the budget to ensure it was aligning to their strategic goals.


Highly recommended by Questica customer, Oakland Community College, which is also located in Michigan, KVCC chose Questica Budget’s operating and salaries modules to integrate with their Banner finance system. As a top of the class cloud-based budgeting solution designed specifically for education and other public sector organizations, the college can now align all of their departments to prepare their budgets in one place for greater accuracy and efficiency. Questica Budget’s reporting and forecasting features, revenue modeling and unlimited what-if scenarios, will provide the college with the insights to tie the budget to their mission and strategic priorities for its students, faculty, staff, alumni and community.