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Lafayette Consolidated Government (LA) awards RFP to Questica Budget


The Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) enjoys a vibrant music scene and unique blend of Cajun and Creole cultures, earning it the name “the happiest city in the United States” in 2014.


Consolidated in 1996, LCG is an amalgamation of the City of Lafayette (pop. 130,000) and the Lafayette Parish (pop. 240,000).


The mission of the Office of Finance and Management is to “provide excellent financial management, reporting, and support to the LCG and the citizens of the city and parish of Lafayette.” With an annual budget of $634M and their current budgeting system reaching its end of life, they released an RFP seeking a “state of the art” integrated budgeting system to address the following requirements:


  • Personnel, operations, and capital budgeting
  • Cost allocations capabilities to develop program-based budgets that are measurable, or performance-based
  • Multi-year budgeting and long-range financial planning modules that can be phased in as the need for more sophisticated analytical tools grows
  • Integration with Lawson financial system

LCG determined Questica Budget best met its requirements and will be implementing the suite’s Operating, Capital, Salaries, and Performance modules.