How you can maintain institutional knowledge for healthcare


Decades ago, loss of institutional knowledge wouldn’t have been a major concern. Back then, it was expected — and indeed, the norm — for employees to stay at the same company until retirement. More modern times, however, have seen a shift in the paradigm. Many employees now only stay with their current employer for a handful of years at one organization.  When they leave, they take years of experience and institutional knowledge with them. How can organizations manage this seeming revolving door of information loss, especially vital organizations like healthcare? There are a few ways. Here’s how to maintain institutional knowledge for healthcare.


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How to maintain institutional knowledge for healthcare


Have proper training resources

Part of the struggle with losing institutional knowledge is transferring that knowledge to new employees. There oftentimes are not enough resources and support available, and re-training and re-teaching becomes a drawn-out, frustrating process. It’s infinitely helpful to make sure your vendors have the training resources when you onboard new employees. It’ll save you time, and a headache, and help bring everyone up to speed quickly.


Keep information central

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is keeping important information in separate departments. This makes training difficult because you’re having to head to different areas, and to different individuals. A much better strategy is to keep all the information in one centralized location. Cloud technology is great for this, as the information can be accessed from anywhere, on practically any device.


Copy and store last year’s annual budget

When making decisions about the future, be sure to look to the past for guidance. In this case, it’s helpful for your organization to copy the previous year’s annual budget to have as a reference guide. Again, we recommend storing it in a cloud server, where it can be secure while your staff also has easy access to it.


Questica software assists you in retaining institutional knowledge

It’s not always possible to retain important employees, but you can ensure that you don’t lose vital information along with them. Questica Budget software has all the tools needed to make information retention easy. Our software is cloud-based, and easy to learn, access, and use. We also provide plenty of training materials, so your new employees won’t have to struggle to learn how to use us — giving you better peace of mind, and saving you time.

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