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Northeastern Catholic District School Board, ON to implement Questica Budget

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The Northeastern Catholic District School Board in Ontario serves communities within the Districts of Cochrane and Timiskaming, with their head office located in Timmins. The School Board provides Catholic education to over 2,200 students in 12 elementary schools, one secondary school and one Adult Continuing Education Centre, and works to further their mission of learning together and striving for excellence through faith.


The School Board used Excel spreadsheets to manage their $43 million budget, but wanted a system to streamline their Ontario EFIS (Education Finance Information System) reporting requirements, as well as manage salary and benefits planning that involves multiple collective bargaining agreements. Impressed with Questica Budget’s ability to administer distributed budgeting, create salary modelling and measure performance using scorecards with cost per student calculations, the School Board purchased Questica Budget’s Operating, Salaries, Capital and Performance modules to work with their K212 finance system.


Equipped with Questica’s powerful, multi-user software, the Northeastern Catholic District School Board can move away from using spreadsheet based budgeting (which can be error-prone and labor intensive), and spend more time gaining important insights from the budget. Questica Budget provides the School Board with the ability to prepare the budget, forecasts and analysis, what-if scenarios, standard and custom reports, and staff and benefits planning. Questica Performance will help the School Board set standards and measure KPI’s (key performance indicators) with scorecards that can track an unlimited number of budgetary and non-budgetary key performance indicators information to be able to measure and report on educational outcomes and better serve district schools.