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Questica Budget reaches the milestone of 200 customers


Questica Inc. today announced its’ 200th customer using the Questica Budget suite of products.  Since its’ inception in 1998, Questica has been recognized as an industry leading provider of capital and operating budgeting, and performance measures software to the public sector.  The Questica Budget suite of products was developed to solve the specific budgeting challenges organizations face when relying heavily on ineffective spreadsheets for budget preparation and budget management.


“We are extremely pleased to have achieved this Milestone. Questica has doubled in size over the last 3 years. We now serve over 200 public sector customers in 28 states and 8 provinces and are well positioned to continue expanding our client footprint in the years to follow” states Craig Ross, VP of Business Development & Sales at Questica Inc.  “Our primary focus has and always will be to provide a superior service experience to the customers that have entrusted us as their budgeting software partner.”