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Questica Budget now features a new financial statements module


Today, Questica, a leader in public sector budgeting software is pleased to announce its first release of the year for Questica Budget (2018.1) which features a new system-wide module to enhance the reporting of Financial Statements. Questica Budget now allows users to configure and generate all three major financial statements, including Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements.



“We were a bit surprised when we heard customers asking for financial statements in Questica Budget. Most of them own financial ERP solutions that already do exactly that,” says James Orr, Product Manager, Questica Inc. “But customers love our easy interface and configurability, our turnkey spreadsheet import and export, advanced search and flexible grids. And we already have the budget in our database for forecasting. Turns out that, just like with budgeting, we can offer our users a better experience than what they get in their ERP systems. We’re excited to see what they will accomplish with our new module.”


Each of the new financial statements options include both a current statement and the ability to look forward using an organization’s own projections. Plus, the module includes 11 new out-of-the-box reports for major statements (including landscape versions), annual projections and detailed projections.



With a new set of accounts for assets, liabilities and equities, Questica Budget’s new Financial Statements module helps give organizations a complete picture of their current financials and provides a clear view of the road ahead.


For more information on Questica Budget’s new Financial Statements module and our other solutions, please visit our website at, or schedule a demonstration with one of our budgeting, performance and transparency experts.