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Questica Partners with Ellucian and Becomes Ethos Connected

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Continuing our successful partnership with Ellucian, a leading provider of software and services built to power higher education, Questica has become an Ellucian Silver Partner.


“Questica is honored to be working with Ellucian to offer integrated solutions that assist higher education institutions with advancing their strategic goals,” said Craig Ross, President and CEO of Questica. “Together our companies will help colleges and universities modernize their business processes, discover new financial opportunities, and deliver better outcomes for their students and community.”


Questica and Ellucian share a commitment to providing quality cloud-based solutions to the higher education market, sharing clients such as: Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Oakland Community College in Michigan; Monroe College in New York, Mt. San Antonio Community College District in California; Waubonsee Community College in Illinois, Community College of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania and the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada.


Questica Budget Suite is an end-to-end system for preparing and administering budgets, performance management, reporting, and data visualization for transparency and stakeholder engagement. Colleges and universities use our powerful solution for multi-year planning, forecasting and analysis, automated workflows and audit trail, and role-based security access for multiple users. As a result of using Questica Budget Suite, higher education institutions are modernizing their diverse budgeting processes to gain better outcomes for their students.


In addition to building our relationship with Ellucian, Questica has developed an integration to specifically work with Ellucian Ethos, a powerful toolset for colleges and universities seeking to unify their systems. Ellucian Ethos is the higher education framework connecting people, processes and applications across institutions to power coordinated programs designed for student success.


As a result of this partnership, Questica’s end-to-end budgeting and transparency solutions support Ellucian’s mission to empower higher education institutions with powerful tools to enhance their operations.