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Questica welcomes Corona, CA to its client roster


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“Questica Budget Suite is a full-featured budgeting and transparency solution that will elevate the City of Corona’s budgeting process to a higher level,” said Stephen Rohleder, Chairman and CEO of GTY Technology. “At Questica, innovation and meeting client needs is at the heart of everything the company does to provide empowering solutions that drive digital transformation.”


The City of Corona is located approximately 45 miles southeast of Los Angeles in western Riverside County. With a $334 million annual budget, Corona experienced a number of pain points during its budget process using spreadsheets and a legacy system, including version control and the transfer of data between numerous systems. In addition, the City needed a better process to allocate staff compensation across multiple department budgets, and to make mid-year changes.


“After actively exploring budget software options to improve our current process, we’re pleased to be implementing Questica Budget,” said Kim Sitton, Finance Manager at the City of Corona. “We look forward to improving operational efficiency and increasing transparency with citizens on how taxpayer dollars are spent. A more efficient budgeting process will provide deeper analysis and reporting capabilities, enabling the City to deliver on its strategic priorities.”


Integrated with their Central Square Superion financial system, the City is implementing the full Questica Budget suite for operating, capital and salaries budgets, along with performance measures, our Questica Budget Book publishing solution and our OpenBook budget transparency and citizen engagement tool.


“Today’s public sector organizations are under intense pressure to be fiscally responsible, and they are interested in implementing tools that streamline budget development and reporting,” said Craig Ross, Chief Revenue Officer at Questica. “Questica provides best-in-breed budgeting, performance and transparency solutions that can be configured to work with the unique processes of our clients, helping them achieve better outcomes for the communities they serve.”


For over 20 years, Questica has partnered with public sector organizations to enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, productivity and improving stakeholder trust. Over 700 organizations across 48 states and 11 provinces and territories are using our budgeting, performance, transparency and engagement software solutions. For more information about Questica, visit