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Questica welcomes its newest client, McHenry County, Illinois

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The finance team at McHenry County in Illinois identified some gaps in the budgeting module of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 financial system. First, the budgeting module lacked the necessary functionality for department presentation and reporting needs, and second, working on the personnel budget was a tedious process.


After reviewing several government budgeting software solutions, the team chose Questica Budget to manage the County’s over $208 million budget. The Chief Financial Officer and other finance decision-makers at the County recommended Questica, specifically based on the company’s 20-year track record of providing trusted budgeting solutions to the public sector.


The decision was made easier thanks to a glowing review by the budget team at Kendall County, which has been using Questica Budget successfully for the past three years. They emphasized Questica’s smooth implementation process and the excellent customer service they received post-implementation.


Questica Budget will provide McHenry County’s finance team with the functionality needed to modernize their current processes and complete more complex budgeting tasks in a shorter amount of time. For instance, the finance team can now create personnel budgets with less manual work and will have the ability to budget by position. The system’s robust reporting features will also help the team analyze budget data and share information with stakeholders in a more seamless manner to improve internal and community transparency.