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Santa Ana, California chooses Questica Budget and Performance


Santa Ana is home to 334,000 people in Orange County, California. A city with a number of unique districts, its many attractions include the Santa Ana Zoo, Santa Ana Artists’ Village, and the Bowers Museum of Cultural Arts.


According to its five-year Strategic Plan (2014) the main goal is to ensure City’s financial stability and accountability by: “1) providing a reliable five-year financial forecast, 2) achieving a structurally balanced budget, and 3) maintaining a stable, efficient and transparent financial environment.”


The City released an RFP to find a public sector budgeting solution that would meet the needs set out in the strategic plan and that was flexible enough to adapt to future growth of the city.


Questica was the chosen vendor and Questica Budget’s Operating, Salaries, and Capital modules will provide an environment with which users can prepare, monitor, and manage their budgets; laying the groundwork for effective analysis and decision making.  Plus, the Questica Performance module will take the City beyond the financials to track their budget and non-budget key performance indicators (KPIs).


The City will integrate Questica Budget and Performance with their Lawson financial system, and will also utilize the CaseWare solution (which integrates with Questica Budget) to create the City’s budget book.