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School district budgeting and student achievement

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In an article published by the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO), that was drawn from the doctoral dissertation of Scott A. Burckbuchler, Superintendent at Williamsburg-James City County (Virginia) Public Schools, Dr. Burckbulcher notes that school districts are moving away from traditional line-item incremental budgeting toward other, more results-oriented methods. School districts are more performance-based in their budgeting processes.


A move towards performance-based budgeting (PBB) supports the idea that school districts are less focused on what they have done in the past and are more deliberative in allocating funds. This may result in refined budgeting, which allows for improved educational programming. A quantitative analysis of data on the relationship of performance-based budgeting and student achievement reveals that performance-based budgeting has a positive correlation to student achievement.


Dr. Burckbuchler concludes that in current economic times, it will become increasingly important for school districts to ensure a connection between their budgeting practices and student achievement, as school district officials will be called on to do more with less.


Conventional budgeting and financial management systems are no longer sufficient to deliver performance-based budgets. PBB requires a fully-integrated solution that links strategic planning, performance budgeting and performance reporting in a system that has been designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the public sector including school boards.


Questica Budget delivers all of the necessary performance-based budgeting tools while also offering a high level of configurability and integration with a wide variety of ERP systems.


Questica Performance allows school districts to establish and manage objectives, leveraging financial and statistical data from any number of sources to effectively measure performance. Simply put, Questica Performance will improve your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. Scorecards are a built-in method for the ongoing monitoring of measures, making use of the green/yellow/red thresholds via at-a-glance Dashboard displays.


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