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Springfield Utility Board chooses Questica Budget to streamline budget allocations


As a community-owned resource not affiliated with a city department, Springfield Utility Board has fulfilled local water and electricity needs for more than 50 years. The Board maintains a mission to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective utilities to all members of the Springfield, Oregon community.


To continually serve more than 31,210 customers and manage a 162-megawatt peak load, Springfield Utility Board manages a $72 million annual operating budget. Though effective, managing the internally designed budgeting system was no longer a sustainable option.


In partnering with Questica, Springfield Utility Board found a tool that could upgrade a legacy budgeting system and deliver greater accuracy and efficiency. And the Board found a partner with extensive integration experience to develop scheduled and on-demand imports and exports with their Sage 500 financial system.


Springfield Utility Board also anticipates a heavy reliance on Questica’s Capital module, to develop and track budgets for projects such as sewer lines and transformers.


Questica has focused on providing budgeting and forecasting software exclusively to the public sector for nearly 25 years. Questica is a full-service partner, where in-house staff are responsible for software development, implementation, training, and post-implementation customer care.


Questica’s utility customers also include Colorado Springs Utilities, Laguna Madre Water District, and Metro Water District of Southern California.