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Superior Court Of California – County Of Ventura to implement Questica Budget Suite


The County of Ventura consists of ten cities covering 1,845 square miles, and has a population of over 850,000 citizens. Superior Court Of California – County Of Ventura (“Ventura Courts”) is the state trial court with the general jurisdiction to hear and decide on criminal, traffic, civil, juvenile, and family law cases.


Ventura Courts required a comprehensive solution to consolidate their budget preparation process. One that provided the ability to forecast, create what-if scenarios, and save supporting documents and notes for historical reference. In an effort to move away from labor-intensive Excel spreadsheets, Ventura Courts desired a more efficient process for managing their $60+ million budget and key budget insights that could not be discovered with a spreadsheet.


The Questica Budget Suite will transform Ventura Court’s budgeting process with dynamic functionality and advanced features. Questica Budget provides an easy-to-use interface for preparing annual budgets, forecasting salary and benefits, and comparing actual costs to the budgeted amounts. With seamless integration to their Phoenix (SAP) solution, departments can access the budget, view data and create robust dashboards or reports at any time. Questica Performance will allow Ventura Courts to track the progress of KPIs and measure the performance of their strategic goals and objectives to their desired outcomes. Lastly, Questica OpenBook is a sophisticated transparency tools that allows Ventura Courts to turn budget data into interactive graphics to engage and share with citizens and internal stakeholders.


The Questica Budget Suite offers an end-to-end budgeting system that will help Ventura Courts save time with a more collaborative, centralized process and the ability to monitor performance to achieve better results.