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Thames Valley District School Board to implement Questica Budget

Stefan Baerg

Thames Valley District School Board has 160 schools spanning three counties in Southwestern Ontario, including the cities of London, St. Thomas, and Woodstock. They serve approximately 77,000 students in elementary and secondary schools, as well as adult and continuing education programs.


After being introduced to Questica Budget at a conference Thames Valley District School Board arranged for a product demonstration. The School Board considered many factors, but three key elements in a new budgeting system stood out: 1) the ability to eliminate the reliance on Excel spreadsheets, 2) Improved reporting, 3) the ability to accurately calculate and forecast position costs, especially teaching positions on a per person basis. Another K-12 school customer participated in the demonstration and was able to illustrate how the Questica Budget reporting tool helped their school district deliver the required reports to the Ontario Ministry of Education (EFIS reports) system.


Based on the strength of the product demonstration, and the endorsement by other Ontario school boards, the Thames Valley District School Board has purchased Questica Budget’s Operating and Salaries modules and will integrate them with their K212 financial system. Questica Budget’s multi-user software will allow the School Board to move away from spreadsheets, opting for smarter planning, budgeting, and reporting.