Three reasons non-profit organizations trust Questica for budgeting


When it comes to budgeting, non-profit organizations (NPOs) certainly have their work cut out for them.  Like major businesses, they should strategize and create a plan for the financial year. Unlike those big businesses, however, many NPOs do not have access to as wide an array of resources. Many of them also cannot rest on the security of name brand recognition. Finally, because most of non-profit finances come from donations, they must make sure to allocate their spending carefully. Investors will get upset to learn that their donations weren’t used in the intended manner!


Fortunately, there are many resources available for non-profit organizations seeking help with budgeting. Managers and Executives have no shortage of helpful guides and videos about how to budget responsibly and effectively. And what is truly remarkable is that will all those resources available, many of them are choosing Questica for their budgeting needs. While we certainly aren’t surprised by this info, some of you may be wondering what makes us the better option. If so, here are some great reasons why non-profit organizations trust Questica.


Easy and effective

We understand the demands and pressure placed on NPOs. The men and women who commit their careers to these organizations often must handle multiple responsibilities. Many NPOs simply aren’t large enough to dedicate separate jobs for every task. As you can imagine, this means that non-profit employees must budget their time effectively, in addition to their finances.


Questica’s non-profit budgeting solution (formerly PowerPlan advanced budgeting management) is a cloud-based software, which fits better with the demanding schedule of NPOs. Instead of distributing individual spreadsheets to key personnel, you can update the budget from wherever you are. This ensures that everyone has access to the budget who needs it, and saves time. Working with us, you will never need to waste your energy tracking down supervisors for updates.


Combine and consolidate

Traditional Excel spreadsheets are useful tools, without a doubt. They are not nearly as effective, however, at creating a solid budget. Budgeting is not a static process: it needs to be updated and revisited constantly. Oftentimes, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) need to provide multiple projections when forecasting for the year. Our software is ideal for this process. It offers you the opportunity to ask “what if,” which can mean the difference between going forward prepared or unprepared.


Forget the formulas

Now, we’re not trying to say that math isn’t important. Quite the opposite in fact (stay in school, kids). However, having to incorporate all the math formulas when budgeting is an unnecessarily tedious and frustrating process. And, again, many non-profit organizations don’t have that kind of time. Unlike Excel spreadsheets, Questica software automatically performs the calculations and adjustments for you. This includes converting to different forms of currency, in case you’re working internationally.


This year, discover for yourself what other non-profit organizations already know: Questica can make a sizable difference for your financial planning. If you are interested in learning more about our non-profit budgeting solutions, you can request a demo  and see for yourself, or sign-up for one of our free monthly information webinars  Your non-profit budgeting doesn’t have to be a strain. Choose Questica and see how easy it can be.