Three ways to ensure you achieve your non-profit mission


If you’re reading this, then congratulations! You’re either well on your way to starting your own non-profit, or have already begun one! This is fantastic news, and I’m sure you have stars in your eyes. You’ve dreamt your whole life of making a difference, of changing the world, and now it’s a reality! But not so fast, there’s a lot you need to think about first. For example, how will you achieve your non-profit mission? Do you have a plan in mind? How will you keep on track within the next year? The year after? A decade from now?


Sorry if that burst your bubble, but never fear! Questica (formerly PowerPlan advanced budget management) is supportive of non-profit and small business ventures. We want to provide the resources that allow people to succeed, not stay overwhelmed with “if-thens.” With that goal, here are three ways to ensure that you achieve your non-profit mission.


Set realistic goals

The best thing you can do for yourself is to temper your expectations. It’s good to have enthusiasm, but understand that your non-profit is not going to become the next Habitat for Humanity (HfH) overnight. Instead, try to imagine where you want to be one year from now, and also consider a “five year plan.” Continuing with the earlier example, if you were trying to be the next HfH, a realistic goal might be to build or renovate twenty houses by the end of the year. This, obviously, is dependent on the size of your non-profit starting out. Perhaps you are a smaller venture, and only have the resources for two houses in a year. That’s okay. Everyone starts somewhere, and if you’re consistent with your work and realistic about where you are going, you’ll mark improvements in no time.


Don’t be afraid of change

A big pitfall to meeting your goal is assuming that it can only be done one way. This simply isn’t true! If you find your first idea isn’t working, don’t be afraid to try a different one! Make sure you’re working with a team you trust to keep things accountable, and ask for their feedback and opinions on strategies. Who knows, one of them will probably end up thinking of a solution you never would have guessed of! Don’t become so stuck in your ways that you shut out dissenting opinions or alternative answers. That’s a surefire way to crash and burn!


Keep money in check by budgeting and forecasting

Another less-than-ideal scenario is running out of money at a critical moment. It could kill your non-profit mission right at the start! Make sure you make a proper budget for your funds and also forecast accordingly. This can help you stay prepared no matter what happens! A great way to keep on top of budgeting and forecasting is to use the right budgeting software, like the kind offered by Questica.


Our software is easy to learn and fantastic to use. We incorporate cloud computing technology so that all the members on your team can update the budget in real time! And we offer a friendlier interface than traditional spreadsheets, allowing you to make multiple forecasts simultaneously. If you are interested in trying out Questica for yourself, then sign up for one of our free monthly information webinars or request a free demo today.