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Town of Hawkesbury, ON selects Questica Budget


The Town of Hawkesbury, Ontario is located on the Ottawa River near the Ontario-Quebec border. A pleasant town of over 10,000 residents, both English and French are widely spoken with Francophone residents comprising more than three quarters of the population. By keeping their focus on programs that benefit the community, the Town continues to provide a dynamic and healthy place to live for all.


Hawkesbury was using a manual spreadsheet process that was time-consuming and created a dual process with errors. The Town searched for a budgeting solution that would modernize their budgeting process and enable them to work more efficiently. By choosing Questica Budget, the Town now has a robust solution that integrates with their Vadim ERP system to manage a $30 million budget. They can move away from disorganized spreadsheets and the risk of errors to more streamlined processes, as well as better reporting to easily share information with stakeholders.


Choosing to purchase Questica OpenBook adds a data visualization and transparency tool to their improved budgeting process. Hawkesbury can now transform budget data into brilliant visuals for sharing important information with the community. As a result, the Town will also increase transparency and citizen engagement.