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Town of Hay River, NT chooses Questica Budget


Located on Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, the Town of Hay River is known as “the Hub of the North” because visiting requires crossing the 60th parallel into the North. With a history that dates back to the 19th century, the Slavey Dene people first established a settlement in 1892 due to the excellent fishing in the area. Today, as the second largest population in the Northwest Territories, Hay River has expanded into other areas of business, such as shipping, agriculture and tourism. This small Town of around 3,500 residents enjoys the dazzling colors of the northern lights 10 months of the year and remains rich with the culture and traditions of the original Indigenous settlers.


Hay River previously prepared their budgets in Excel and found this to be a painful manual process that put them at risk of errors in their budget. Knowing their budgeting process was not sustainable long-term, particularly when the Town is expected to rapidly grow within the next five years, finding a new solution was critical. The Town was immediately interested in how Questica Budget could modernize their budgeting process with its dynamic functionality and features for developing the budget. Hay River found the solution to be robust and flexible, with capabilities that would allow them to exchange their pain points for a budgeting process that was more efficient and accurate.


Using Questica Budget has given the Town of Hay River confidence they are preparing budgets that will help them meet the requirements of their growing community.