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Town of Ingersoll, ON purchases Questica Budget


The Town of Ingersoll (“Ingersoll”) is located east of London, Ontario. Once known as the “Cheese Capital” of Oxford County, Ingersoll was never content with just being an agricultural community. Growing from a small village to a flourishing town of 13,000 residents, the Town takes pride in the manufacturing and automotive industries that have created exciting opportunities for the area. Located near the scenic Thames River, Ingersoll celebrates a history and culture that has made the town prosperous.


Ingersoll wanted to gain better control over their budgets and move away from the confusion of managing disparate spreadsheets. Questica Budget is a full-featured solution that integrates directly with the Town’s Great Plains financial system and will make their budgeting process more efficient for administering a $19 million budget. Ingersoll will save time using updated processes that no longer require spreadsheet error fixes. Questica Performance offers additional value by providing the Town with the ability to track the progress of KPIs and objectives, and discover areas that require improvement. Questica OpenBook is a data visualization solution that will transform Ingersoll’s budget data into interactive charts, maps and other visuals for sharing with stakeholders and residents.


Gaining control of their budgets is a new reality for the Town of Ingersoll by using budgeting and transparency solutions offered by Questica.