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Town of Sylvan Lake, AB selects Questica Budget


The Town of Sylvan Lake, AB is located west of Red Deer with a fast-growing population of almost 15,000 residents. Sylvan Lake has a strong local economy due to active industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, professional scientific technical services, and tourism. A popular resort town on a beautiful lake, Sylvan Lake attracts thousands of visitors during all seasons of the year.


Sylvan Lake previously used Excel spreadsheets to manage their $40 million operating budget. Like many local governments, the Town organized a number of spreadsheets for distribution to departments and then would manually enter the data into a master spreadsheet. Much time was required to check formulas, fix errors, and ensure links were not broken in the spreadsheet. Overall, it was a time-consuming process to create a budget at an acceptable level for submission to Council.


Sylvan Lake searched for a SaaS budgeting solution that would simplify and replace their spreadsheets. Learning about the powerful functionality of Questica Budget, the Town recognized that the solution is capable of supporting all of their budgeting requirements, as well as reducing their risk of errors with automated processes in the system. Questica Budget also integrates directly with their GP Dynamics financial system for the smooth facilitation and updating of data.


Questica Budget has allowed the Town of Sylvan Lake to shift from data collection to a deeper analysis of their budget and financial planning for the future.