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Township of Muskoka Lakes, Ontario selects Questica Budget


When using spreadsheets caused problems during their budgeting cycle, the Township of Muskoka Lakes (“Muskoka Lakes”) turned to Questica for help to improve their budgeting process. Muskoka Lakes was concerned about version control and the required effort to detect errors when rolling through changes in the spreadsheets they were producing. The Director of Financial Services needed more efficient and accurate budgeting, and required better reporting to share budget information with stakeholders. Questica Budget provided a turnkey solution for Muskoka Lakes, allowing the municipality to maintain its commitment to improving citizen engagement.


By switching to Questica Budget, Muskoka Lakes found budgeting software that streamlines their process and modernizes how their departments manages a $16 million budget. With direct integration to their Vadim financial system, Questica Budget provides the robust reporting, forecasting and scenario planning the Township was previously missing to share information and analyze their budget data.


By choosing Questica, the Township of Muskoka Lakes has eliminated the need for spreadsheets, and is on-track to deliver more budget information to citizens.