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Township of West Lincoln, ON selects Questica Budget


The Township of West Lincoln (“West Lincoln”) is situated in the Niagara Region of Ontario. It is comprised of a number of small communities with the town of Smithville acting as the administrative center for the area. The local agriculture, industrial and commercial industries thrive thanks to nearby air, rail and ground transportation. Along with the Township’s picturesque setting, this distinctive blend of rural and urban living is enjoyed by over 14,500 of West Lincoln’s residents.


West Lincoln had considered acquiring a budgeting solution for some time. Every year spreadsheets were proving to be more and more time-consuming with the need to manually check for errors and fix discrepancies. By choosing Questica Budget, the Township can modernize their budgeting process to become more efficient and collaborative when putting together their budgets. Questica Budget offers a multi-user system that integrates directly with their Diamond financial system and provides the improved reporting they need to obtain valuable budget insights. Adding the data visualization solution, Questica OpenBook, offers West Lincoln the opportunity to share reports and budget data in the form of interactive visuals to stakeholders and residents.


Questica Budget helps the Township of West Lincoln get more done in less time and continue to ensure the economic success of their community.