How to easily project units of service with budgeting software

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Every non-profit has a mission. It can be improving literacy, medical care, art programs, building homes or shelters — you name it! Non-profits measure their effectiveness at completing their mission through units of service. Units of service mean whatever output the non-profit is creating. Every home built, every child fed, every medicine administered count as a units of service. When considering non-profit budgeting, it can be helpful to project the units of service with budgeting software. Here’s how your non-profit can easily manage to do this.


Questica has the expertise for how non-profits can project units of service easily. Since 1998, Questica has worked to make handling finances easier and better for non-profit and other organizations. We manage over $63 billion in annual non-profit and public sector budgets, and we want to help you. Please visit our website for more information and consider signing up for one of our free webinars.


How you can easily project your non-profit’s units of service

Improve organization and integrate your systems

Non-profits have a lot to manage but not alway a lot of resources to help them. One effective way to improve budgeting plans and projections is to better organize an agency’s financials. The right budgeting and forecasting software is excellent for this task, as it allows your non-profit to integrate and organize the different systems its already using, such as payroll, accounting or human resources. Better organization helps with visualizing future goals, and projecting the appropriate budget.


Allow for multiple “what-if” scenarios

Non-profits often don’t have the flexibility to handle last-minute or unexpected changes. As a result, the unexpected can be seriously damaging to the non-profit’s goals. Projecting “what-if” scenarios are a great way to anticipate, plan ahead, and reduce potential disasters. Budgeting software is helpful in this regard because it allows you to create multiple “what-if” scenarios to plan for multiple situations. Your non-profit can prepare for the good and the bad. How does this tie back to units of service? Let’s say that you create two what-if scenarios: one in which you achieve your goal for units of service, and one in which you fall short. Now, if you do fall short of that goal for whatever reason, your non-profit is better prepared financially going into the new quarter.


Questica software provides what you need to make accurate projections

PowerPlan, Questica’s non-profit budgeting solution offers non-profits the easy, intuitive software to make projections and “what-if” scenarios part of your budget planning. We understand the demanding needs of non-profits and we’ve built our software to address and accommodate those needs. We know you don’t have time to be struggling with a difficult UI, so our software is easy to manage and integrates with your existing systems. You can rest assured that Questica will help you and your non-profit plan and achieve your goals.  


We are a passionate team of technology experts and business specialists with decades of collective experience managing finances and budgeting software. You’ll be amazed at how much time and energy your school will save with dedicated financial software like Questica Budget. To learn more about Questica and how our software can help you, read a case study or take a product tour.