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Using technology to support financial decision-making

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Many of Questica’s clients faced reductions in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, municipalities that depend on flexible revenues had to pivot by making budget cuts and implementing cost-control measures.


As partners, Questica and Infor are bringing the best budgeting technology to the public sector to improve decision-making and drive better outcomes. At Infor’s gov2021 Virtual Summit, Questica hosts a fireside chat with our client, the City of Greensboro in North Carolina. Attendees will hear first-hand how COVID-19 impacted strategy and how Greensboro used Questica’s budget planning software to make immediate and effective changes to their budget.


“Having Questica as our (budget) software, I know I can trust it to do a lot of that work for me,” says Leah Price, Budget Database Specialist at Greensboro. “I can pull reporting and do further analysis. It would’ve taken me at least twice as long if I had to build that out from scratch.”


Topics that will be covered:

  1. Learn to do more with less
  2. Ensure your organization has access to accurate budget information
  3. Enable access to accurate and prompt reporting
  4. Optimize technology to enhance services


To hear the full discussion, and discover how the City of Greensboro was able to make budget adjustments, plus use scenario planning and reporting to quickly make financial decisions and mitigate the impact of lost revenue, watch the session.